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January 5, 2024

Why Data Analysis is important & How it Helps in Preparing a Marketing Strategy

The online marketing world is now reliant on data that is produced by analysing market patterns, customer behaviour, digital campaigns and other strategies. But you may wonder how you can implement these strategies to improve your business. 

Let us, together, take a look at how we can use data analytics to prepare various strategies that will help you grow your business effectively. If you can effectively incorporate data analysis into your marketing strategy, your business will definitely experience a boost in sales and gain data driven marketing insights. 

Why is Data Analysis Important?

Before getting into why data analysis is important, let us understand what data analysis is. Every company gathers tons of data every day or week or month, pertaining to their product or service. But most of this data is unstructured, which often makes you think that it’s worthless. This is where data analysis comes in. It is the process of cleaning up all this information and processing raw data that can be used to build strategy. 

But why is it important for your business? Here are the three basic factors that you will never have to worry about, if you master the process of analysis.


Time is money, and you should not waste both behind meaningless ad campaigns that may or may not benefit your business. This is mainly because when ads are created, we tend to target a much larger audience base, who may or may not even care about the product or service. But what happens when you create specific ads targeting the customers in the age and gender group more suited to your business—you get much better actionable reach.


When you start targeting the correct audience, you will most likely save a lot of money on extravagant advertising. Analysing data properly will allow you to eliminate resources and strategies that do not work for you. 


Growing a business does require a good amount of experience. But the reality now is that experience and intuition does not work anymore, specially because of this technological age. Often, it leads to wrong and uninformed decisions. This is why data analysis is so important. It is a sort of guide towards the right path. Using such AI driven data analytics and saving yourself from making such decisions will help you regulate your budget, target your ads, and avoid inaccuracy.

Prepare Marketing Strategies Using Data Analytics

Now that you know why data analytics is important, here are three aspects where you can apply and build data driven marketing strategies.

Understanding the Customer Base:

If you don’t have a hold on your customers, you have nothing. This is the most crucial part of any business. Using advanced data analytics, you can engage customers, understand their needs and deliver their preferences has proved highly effective. Using  analytics, you need to figure out what’s best for your customers. It can be a wide range of things– emails, ads, social media posts and videos, and so on. 


Using analytics to figure out the exact words and phrases that consumers are using for your particular domain is another great way to improve insights. Whether it is for a particular product that you sell, or for the entire service itself, knowing and using these words and phrases correctly can be highly beneficial for your business. Incorporate such words into all types of digital marketing campaigns. 

Results and Outcomes:

By analysing data, you can determine how your strategies have helped your business. Figure out what worked for you and what did not. Adopt strategies in accordance with this data. Try to incorporate new techniques using the insights gained.


If you truly put effort into something, it is bound to work out for the better. And so it is with data analysis as well. The due effort you put into strategizing and analysing results, the more you will learn about your industry and identify opportunities that will help you take your business to the next level.

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Aritra Dutta

Being a hardcore Digital Marketer with 12+ years of experience, Aritra Dutta is involved in marketing analysis, trend & predictive analysis, artificial intelligence, coaching & consulting big brands throughout India, the US, and Israel. His prime forte includes researching homogeneous & heterogeneous data, customer behavior, and buying patterns to chalk out an informed plan of action for several industries such as Real Estate, Healthcare, IT, Finance, and Security. He is a B-Tech engineer with a 1st class MBA degree from IISWBM (CU) holding a specialization in Marketing & Business Analysis.

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