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February 20, 2024

Some Thoughts on Digital Marketing Strategies for 2024

The difference between marketing your business in 2023 and what you can achieve in 2024 is going to be a huge leap forward and it’s all thanks to AI.

But how do you use it right, and achieve way more with less and avoid tanking your business by using it wrong?

In this blog, let us take a look at the three major digital marketing strategies and share our insights on how to use various tactics that will work best for each strategy in 2024, AND the best way to use AI to supercharge your business.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The way to be successful using SEO in 2024 is way different than how you have been doing it. AI has been a major disruption in search as we know it. But it provides a ton of amazing growth opportunities as well. 

So, let us talk about what has changed in SEO and get ahead of competitors using new tactics. These strategies will help you keep at higher rankings no matter what comes out of the AI revolution.

Last year, ChatGPT rolled out making it much easier to churn out SEO, blog posts, articles, etc. So that’s what people did. But this had an unexpected consequence. All of a sudden the internet was being poured with bland, generic, robotic content. Then, past May, Google threw in a curveball. They called it the Google Search Experience which even allowed the ads to be AI generated. This did create chaos among many SEO experts. 

So, how do we come out of it? 

Instead of looking at the points mentioned above to be negative, let us take a positive stance. While AI is taking over, it is important to remember that it cannot function without humans. So, let us see how we can use new opportunities to our advantage. 

Let us discuss the option that we have now when it comes to search engine marketing. 

The key is to go all in on deep experience-based written content, like articles that go beyond just simply explaining a topic or a question. Because simple questions can be directly answered by artificial intelligence itself. Think of it this way. If there is a keyword that can be easily answered by AI, you should not opt for that keyword anymore. The good news is though many people are searching for answers that go deeper and harness real experience, knowledge and expert opinions. And those are the types of articles that you should be focusing on.

Social Media Marketing

It is no secret  that marketing your business on social media is one of the fastest and most effective ways to increase your business’s sales, customers and revenue. But if  you want to make the biggest impact possible, simply showing up and posting will not be enough. You need to be showing up with the right kind of content, incorporating factual information in the right way. 

The right mix of information, personality and value in your posts will help you build deep and meaningful relationships with your customers. To break it down even further, we have discovered that there are five different ways in social media marketing that will allow you to connect with your customers on a whole different level. 

  • Core Content – The core content basically revolves around your personal or business philosophy. It includes what you believe, why you believe in it and why it’s important to you. This is where you share your or your business’s mission, values, vision or goals. Why this acts as a customer magnet is because you not only bond with your customers but by sharing your philosophy, you attract the customers that you were aiming for.
  • Contrarian Content – Contrarian Content allows you to share any beliefs or views that you have which go against industry norms. This is where you explain why the “normal” or accepted way of doing things in your industry may not be working anymore and why. For example, many businesses make this mistake where having an online presence is more important than making sure that their content (video, podcast, blogs) matches with the idea behind their product or service. This will only bring an online presence but no visible or beneficial results.
  • Consult Content – This is also known as “how-to” content. It is all about providing value to your audience by helping them accomplish something by showing them the right steps to do so. It is actually considered to be difficult to tackle because you yourself need to be well-informed about the topic that you are attempting to teach your audience. But it creates the best impression as it showcases the amount of knowledge and experience you have as a company.
  • Case Study Content This type of content caters to client stories, testimonials, case studies or client interviews. This is your chance to showcase how your business has helped others and it’s important because it allows your work to speak for itself by showing what you’ve done or more accurately, allowing others to show how what you’ve done has helped them. And when you use customer testimonials from your audience, it allows your message or what you’re saying to be perceived as more trustworthy and more realistic and believable. For example, fitness trainers share before and after transformations of their clients.
  • Conversion Content – This type of content is what makes you cash. When it comes to this, it can be divided into two phases. One phase is where businesses continuously promote themselves by directly asking or advertising to customers and explicitly mentioning to buy from them. The second phase is to show value. This is where you can post tips and tricks, provide helpful guides and tutorials, but never directly say what their actual product or service is. Both of these phases lack something or the other. The secret to success with conversion content lies in the middle. You need to conjoin the two phases where you create as well as share content to build reach and improve conversion.

Content Marketing

Do you know what really works for businesses that really take off to the next level?It provides well-researched and fact-based information in the front end that will help sell your product or service in the back end. 

So, what can really help you here is putting out helpful content on a regular basis that your potential customers can find, watch or read, and develop your relationship in this process. And this relationship can easily triple your leads. And it costs about 62% less than outbound marketing. 

So, if you are not using AI in your marketing, then it’s high time that you do because reports suggest that 40% of marketers are using AI to generate content. 

But the main mistake that businesses are making, and that might include you as well, is to let AI consume each strategy and not add your own, unique and personalised touch to it. 

When using AI for your content, whether it’s videos, podcasting, or blogs, you need to make sure that you create the framework, the prompts, the messages, and whatever the outcome is, put your speciality into it. It could be various different reports, statistics, analyses, creatives, that you add to make your content special. 

Performance Marketing or Paid Marketing

Now that we have covered three major sects of digital marketing, let us talk about the most important and powerful tool there is, paid marketing or performance marketing.

We talked about improving content with AI, maintaining personalization with AI, types of content in social media marketing to target customers, and so on. But how will you actually get people to choose you? That brings us to this category, paid marketing. For this, we have some tips and tricks.

First, you need to have your long-form content ready, the one that you will be using to run your ads. The next thing you need is an eye-catching headline that will make people stop and make sure that you have their attention. And the last thing you require is to incorporate imagery in your content. 

A good long-form content or a copy should include the problems, concerns or issues that your potential clients may have. And then tell them how you have solutions in place to actually solve that problem. Furthermore, make sure to include CTAs or call to actions at the end of each piece of content. The ad imagery, the content and the headlines should not only match each other but also match the message or the solution you are providing. 

With the correct usage of paid ads, you will be able to see quick results as opposed to organic promotion  and it will be easier for you to conduct customer analysis because with paid ads, you have a clear picture of who saw your ads, who clicked on them and became clients. This will also help you reach your marketing goals and create better strategies. 


We have covered the major peak points in Digital Marketing that you need to look forward to in 2024, if you want your business to skyrocket. And with the inclusion of AI, we have been given the opportunity to do a lot more work in less time, efficiently. The only thing to be careful about is using the advantage of AI responsibly this year.

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