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March 8, 2024

Key Areas where Tourism Mobile App can Improve

Are you someone who loves to travel? Even if you’re not an avid traveller, it must feel great to take small breaks from daily life and reboot, right? And remember the times it used to be so much hassle to plan simple trips, well thank God for tourism mobile applications that allow us to make our trips hassle-free and easy to navigate. But that was not always the case. 

Looking at some pre-pandemic statistics, travel apps were in regular use and have helped people globally. And after the pandemic, a resurgence of 41.6% in the usage of travel apps has been observed where 800 billion people have used travel apps in 2022. Market research shows that a growth of 11% can be expected in the upcoming years (2024-2027). 

And how does any of this matter? It shows and builds the importance of mobile apps in today’s age where people are so reliant on their phones for convenience. And the wide use of tourism apps clearly indicates that its features have made a considerable impact. 

As an expert mobile app development agency, if we were to point out some places where there can be improvement, in order to grow with this digital age, here are some ideas – 

Super apps

An app with all features that can possibly be required in a travel and tourism mobile app, with no corners unturned, are called super apps. Most travel apps, including some of the most famous ones as well, are not equipped with each and every feature that one might need during his/her trip.

For example, Booking.com has all the best facilities for flight tickets, booking cars and hotels but they do not provide services for navigation, fooding, banking and so on. A super app that would contain every information at the same time, will be a lot easier. It is very normal for someone to feel a little lost in a new place. So having the correct navigation and mapping along with where they can eat, how they can reach that place (via public transport or rentals), and other such information in one platform would make life 100 times easier and save some storage on our phones as well.

User Experience

In the mobile app development process, ensuring a pleasant user experience is crucial. Now, with the invention of AI, you can provide a plethora of new engaging features that will take your user experience (UX) to the next level. Using AI to make creative content,

pop-ups, small appealing videos, etc based on their searches and personal information (kept secure) is a great way to engage your users. AI can also be used to analyse a user’s journey and make suggestions based on their needs as and when they need it. Elaborating on how AI can improve user experience, an online tie-up with local agencies to provide real time data to travellers, of schedules and routes will be a great way of taking things to a higher level of advancement.


It is quite obvious that every app has its privacy and security rules and regulations. But even in these areas, some changes would help gain trust of users and prospective customers. Enhanced security is definitely a requirement for tourism applications, given that people all-around the world may be accessing it. What can be done to achieve this is to improve user awareness. More often than not, privacy policies are not clear to users and also what they can do to improve the situation from their end.

Some of the things that you can do as an app developer is to ensure that strong passwords are set, policies are clearly mentioned before granting any permissions, that can allow users to make informed decisions and keep their privacy protected. Especially in an app that is concerned with travel, a person’s location, where they might be staying, all this information has to be kept secure and confidential without fail. Which is why enhancing its security is extremely important.

An example of how improvement of tourism apps are required can be seen with a very popular superapp, that is AirAsia. They have included and invested in a lot of innovative features to make each minute spent on the app a good one. As the Senior Director of AirAsia says himself, “”From our limited usage of different channels of communication to personalised omni-channel user engagement, we’ve come a long way in how we leverage channels like push, in-app, app inbox, web push and Chinese OEM push delivery.”

Wrapping Up

So, anyways, the road is near to creating such amplified tourism apps with all the services within a single ecosystem that will help you and your users build a better understanding, and obviously help you expand, give you a much better understanding of user behaviour and have a deeper engagement with the user community.

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