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About tradecent

Tradecent is inspired by the idea to offer the ultimate investment experience that leads towards a path of financial growth. It is an app that aims to help you build your wealth whether you are a novice investor or a seasoned professional. Its objective makes it stand out from the others as Tradecent intends to prepare an investor fully, before they start playing in the field. As created by our mobile app development team, it has major unique features that ensures users of risk-free financial practices and immerse deep into the world of stock market along with gaining and enhancing comprehensive knowledge and skills in the market.

Our Features

Real Time Data

Get real-time information tailored to market dynamics and fluctuations in stock prices.

Personalised Recommendations

With a good investment horizon, risk tolerance and financial objective provides you with personalised suggestions.

Demo Videos

Free demo videos are present to help and guide you through your investment experience.

Live Sessions

Subscriptions will allow you to have one on one sessions with expert mentors.

How we managed the project

We focused on building an interactive and helpful app for prospective investors who not only want to make bets but also learn the logic behind the market. By containing and updating real time fluctuations in the stock market, Tradecent aims at laying out the dynamics that impact stock values. Comprehensive insights and recommendations are present tailored to your financial profile. Personalised recommendations are made considering the user’s risk tolerance, investment horizon and financial objectives. The app has also incorporated free demos, live training sessions and personalised mentorship.

UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX design focuses on making it easy for users to navigate and find what they need and users can easily search for free demo videos and live numbers. Plus, our design works well on different devices, so you can use it smoothly whatever mobile device the user has, our design works well on different devices, so you can use it smoothly whatever mobile device user has.

Audience Profile


Tradecent is essentially for anyone above the age of 18, but being an app that requires a vast amount of knowledge and experience, it can be further divided to primary and secondary target groups. The primary target is working professionals between the age of 25 to 55. The secondary target group is youngsters and elderly retired persons who have a keen interest in market dynamics.


Young working professionals with income are eager to learn and gain more out of it whereas experienced professionals are always looking to enhance their skills in the stock market, making Tradecent the perfect fit. The people in this group are mostly looking for investor opportunities for financial growth. The secondary target is set for people who want to try their hand at betting and get a fair idea but not delve deep into the logistics.

User Interface Design Elements Icons, Colors, Typography


We have kept the use of icons as simple and easy as possible. Virtual trading and investment should not feel complicated so the icons used are the ones that can be commonly and easily comprehended.


We choose a combination of white and primarily blue, with our text written in black. Blue exerts a sense of responsibility and the brighter hue shows energy and white acts as a symbol for purity. All these factors play an important role in giving the app an authentic and elegant appeal.

Font Family : Lexend Font Faces : Sans-Serif

Structural Concerns

Tradecent has been designed in a way that it ensures security and provides accuracy of data. Here is a breakdown of the structural concerns.

User Interface (UI): We focus on making the application easy to navigate with clear buttons and menus, ensuring users can find what they need quickly.

Backend Functionality: We have ensured the app's backend with Node Js works smoothly, handling tasks like processing orders, managing inventory, and handling payments securely.

Data Management: Organise and store user data securely, ensuring it's protected from unauthorised access or loss, and we make sure it's easy to retrieve when needed.

Security: Implement strong security measures to protect user data and transactions from hackers and breaches, including encryption and secure authentication methods.

The End Results

Our design and developmental efforts have resulted in a very unique and comprehensive approach towards a fin-tech application. In simpler terms, it's filled with interactive and knowledge-enhancing features that are set to make it super engaging and revolutionise the virtual trading industry.

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