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About go play

Social media and its trends have captured a huge part of our attention for quite a long time, almost as if we can’t live without it. But what’s the harm, right? It acts as a temporary diversion to our daily stresses and also quite fun. With the help of our mobile app development experts, we created Go Play that offers the perfect opportunity to use your free time to explore yourself or watch others showcase their talents and hobbies. And apart from being a recreational activity, like any other social media, people can also showcase their brand and improve their presence.

Our Features

Data Analysis

We have used this AI feature that analyses data based on behaviour patterns of the users, focusing on their search, the types of videos viewed, liked, shared and so on.

Predictive Analysis

We have implemented a recommendation system that offers suggestion-based results to users focused on what their most frequently watched and liked videos.

Augmented reality

With this face detection tool, creators can make use of various different filters and effects to add essence to their videos.

Profanity filter

This AI algorithm will remove any abusive, unethical or discriminative video as well as content from the app by instantly filtering it out.

How we managed The flawless AI system

We focused on working closely with ongoing and trending features in order to succeed. By keeping track of our inventory and implementing the best Artificial Intelligence algorithms, we make sure that people get the most out of their experience. We're always listening to feedback and making changes to improve, which keeps our customers happy and our operations running smoothly.

UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX design focuses on making it easy for users to navigate and users can easily search for the types of videos they want to watch, make creating videos easy and use filters or effects. It also allows users to engage, interact and upload videos with ease. Plus, our design works well on different devices, so you can use it smoothly whatever mobile device the user has.

Audience Profile


Go Play is targeted towards everyone above the age of 16.With minimal limitations and Its wide base suggests inclusivity of the application that gives youngsters (specially teenagers), working professionals, and middle-aged people to pass their time, because social media platforms like this have become a part of everyone’s daily lives, whether young or old.


An app like Go Play offers recreation and entertainment for its users and allows creators to explore themselves and influence people in several different ways. By simply scrolling through, you will find videos of various different niches which can act as a source to pass your time and additionally, you can also learn a thing or two.

User Interface Design Elements Icons, Colors, Typography


We chose the feather icon package for its relevance to our app's theme and its consistent style, ensuring a cohesive visual experience. Its versatility and customization options cater to various functions and allow for a personalized touch, enhancing usability and aesthetics.


We chose fresh green colors to match our focus on organic food, showing nature and health. Earthy tones add reliability, making our app feel authentic. These colors make our app more appealing and help people recognize our brand.


Font Family : Lexend Font Faces : Sans-Serif

The End Results

The 180 days of our design and developmental efforts have resulted in a social networking application ready for delivery with minor changes completed. In simpler terms, it’s filled with interactive features that are set to make it super engaging and revolutionise the social media industry.

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