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Be Casual

AI Enabled E-commerce Application For Women

  • Industry - Female Accessories
  • Services - Custom Styling
  • Business Type - E-Commerce
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Be Casual

Introducing Be Casual, a female centred AI enabled application based in India that includes almost all the products a woman needs. It targets women of the age 18 to 55 as it includes all products a woman can need – clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, makeup products – each of which have sub categories as well. The idea behind the app is not only to provide women with a variety of options but also to provide convenience in terms of buying experience as well as seamless delivery. Its innovative AI feature makes it very easy to use. It also augments personalization which makes each individual experience better.

How We Infuse

Artificial Intelligence into Be Casual

To revolutionize the shopping experience for users, we can introduce AI into the Be Casual app. By making use of AI algorithms, the app would be able to make personalized recommendations based on each user’s own style preference, body type as well as past purchase history. These recommendations may range from clothes to accessories in order to make sure that individuals find exactly what they are searching without a hitch. Additionally, AI-powered virtual try-on features can help users visualize wearing different clothes before buying them thereby boosting self-confidence in their decision making process. The app will also employ AI in inventory management by forecasting trending items and optimizing stock levels accordingly in order to meet demand. These AI-enabled innovations would help Be Casual improve its customers’ shopping experiences hence enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty towards the brand.

Artificial Intelligence


Predictive Analysis

The app can predict products based on user history, browsing, and demographics, providing personalized recommendations.

AR Experience

AR for virtual product try-ons, like accessories, or cosmetics. Users can visualize items on themselves before buying.

AI Search

AI-driven search for natural language queries, accurate results for misspelled inputs, simplifying product discovery.

Optimised Delivery

Offer diverse delivery options: standard, express, same-day, or scheduled, catering to user preferences and urgency.

Be Casual

UI/UX Design

AI Enabled Dashboard

Integrating AI into Be Casual's mobile app dashboard involves defining objectives, selecting a suitable AI platform, customizing AI models, seamless integration, user-friendly interfaces, continuous monitoring, and user training for optimal utilization.

Various Luxury Options

Adding a variety of luxury options from well-known brands and featuring their blogs in the Be Casual mobile app can drive sales. By offering high-end products and insightful content, the app appeals to affluent customers seeking premium experiences. This strategic approach boosts engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, revenue for Be Casual.

Customizable Product Solution

Predictive analysis for the BeCasual app involves utilizing historical user data to forecast future trends, preferences, and behaviors. By analyzing past purchasing patterns, browsing history, and engagement metrics, the app can predict which products are likely to be popular among users in the future. This analysis enables BeCasual to optimize inventory management, personalize recommendations, and tailor marketing strategies to better meet the evolving needs and preferences of its user base.


The Be Casual project targets women of the age 18 to 55. It is definitely a gender specific approach and at the same time, provides a vast audience base. The age range covers lifestyles across different demographics. The approach of the app ensures relevancy for all women, with different styles and taste.

18 to 55 years of Women




Given the busy schedule women face on a daily basis, it is not easy for them to take time out for themselves. Apps like Be Casual allow women (students, working or middle-aged) to shop for items they need on the go, with seamless delivery and online payment methods which make it a much hassle-free experience.

Market challenges

An app faces many challenges during development but the biggest challenge is to get the attention of potential customers once it's done. Knowing how to promote your developed app is very importanto convert it into a success.

For this, a lot of knowledge is required in creating effective marketing strategies. Challenges with the performance of an app can pose a challenge, especially for end users. An application that runs with bugs or crashes, does not take up much space, and does not affect battery life is very important to prove its superior performance.

Mobile Solutions

Apps should work the same on all devices. Screen size and other considerations are also important while considering device compatibility.

The user experience incorporated in the mobile app is elegant and easy to comprehend. Apart from that, choosing the right technology, ensuring security and data protection and conducting market research as well as cost analysis has helped us build with success.

User Interface Design Elements

Icons, Colors, Typography

We chose the feather icon package for its relevance to our app's theme and its consistent style, ensuring a cohesive visual experience. Its versatility and customization options cater to various functions and allow for a personalized touch, enhancing usability and aesthetics.


Primary Colour


Secondary Colour


Text Colour

Black and white are classic color choices that never go out of style.

They exude sophistication and elegance, providing a timeless aesthetic that can appeal to a wide range of audiences regardless of current design trends.

Font Family : Lexend Font Faces : Sans-Serif

Structural concerns

The structural concerns for Be Casual focus on creating seamless and personalised user experience with strong security as well as proper backend functionalities.

Here's a breakdown of structural concerns:

1. Security - The app ensures a proper security solution. This will help avoid affecting the smoothness of the application and protect it against fraudulent activities. Having a strict security policy also provides a good impression and builds trust.

2. Device Compatibility - Apps should work the same on all devices. Screen size and other considerations are also important while considering device compatibility. The user experience is, hence, pleasant across all devices.

Outcomes Of Our Efforts

A accessories application with a unique approach is what BeCasual stands for. Starting from its elegant user experience, that is very different from anything you will see out there.

Famous brands are aligned and displayed. Different brands have different works and each is showcased using blogs and articles on the dashboard itself. It is a great way for users to connect with brands and engage more. Its innovative AI feature not only makes it very easy to use but also augments personalization which makes each individual experience better.

This makes Be Casual an ideal application that proves to give a very different and unique experience to its individual users.

Be Casual

The End Results

The 180 days of our design and developmental efforts have resulted in a e-commerce application ready for delivery with minor changes completed. In simpler terms, it's filled with interactive features that are set to make it super engaging and revolutionize to the e-commerce industry.

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